AIRCRAFT TECHNOLOGIES GROUP (ATG) holds Northeast Aero Skills Regional Finals

Toronto, Ontario – ATG has officially kicked-off the 2019 Aero Skills Tournament series with the Northeast aerospace region competition, to take place at the Ontario Science Centre on Saturday August 31st, 2019. Aero Skills Tournament please visit:

The Aero Skills Competition rolls into Toronto this coming weekend while the military, schools and industry rally to send their best people to compete at this FREE to attend event at the Ontario Science Centre, 770 Don Mills Rd.

For the Aircraft Structures (or sheet metal as some like to call it) Top Gun competition, where the competitors are required to fabricate and build their sheet metal project; riveting it together head to head, in front of an audience. Finalists have to disassemble and then reassemble (re-rivet) again for final points.

For the Exhibition Team competition, Junior and Senior competitors are randomly matched up to compete in four events that included Rivet Shoot; Clean Cut, making a precise cut in a skin; Rivet Removal, removing rivets they put in; and Around the Corner, removing rivets in awkward locations. The winners are determined based on the quality of their work and their time for completion.

“ATG is excited to host the competition at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, having grown up there and having visited the Science Centre many times as a kid!” said Jay Logie, the event developer. Further, “This is a great way for current aviation maintenance students from around southern Ontario to compete against each other. We believe the event will also create awareness about the huge industry demand for technicians – our overall objective; generating interest and creating excitement.”

The 1st place winners from the Junior and Senior ‘TOP GUN’ categories receive a cash prize and a trip to the Aero Skills Nationals in Las Vegas, February 2020. Over $70,000 in cash prizes and 24 trips to Las Vegas will be awarded. These events are free to enter and are open to technicians of all experience levels including students training, military as well as civilian aircraft manufacturing and maintenance companies. Registration is now open for all of the tournaments, across North America.

ATG holds eight Regional Aero Skills competitions, culminating at the ninth event, the Nationals, to provide a venue for technicians to demonstrate their capabilities and to network with like minded people from the aviation community. The goal of these events is to get the word out into the community of the demand for people, in order to encourage people to consider a career as an aviation technician/craftsperson.

About Aircraft Technologies Group
ATG is a network of Effective, Reliable and Proven technicians available for aviation maintenance and manufacturing operations; our heuristic and flexible workforce. Through the Skills Assurance Apprentice program and CertTEC certifications, ATG provides a continuously improving pipeline of skilled and certified people for the aviation and aerospace industry.


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Jay Logie

Liz Heinricks

Tammy Cook

ATG and Aero Skills Office; 250-766-0734 / 888-832-6284

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