Argus: Bizav Ops Mark Record Month, Day in November

While global business aircraft flight activity last month cooled slightly from October, the North American market logged its strongest November, as well as its busiest single day on record, Argus International reported Friday morning in its latest Aircraft Activity Report.

Citing TraqPak data that tracks IFR business aircraft flights, Argus said operations in North America jumped 45.1 percent year-over-year (YOY) last month, topping 300,000. This also represented a 20.9 percent increase from two years ago. November 28, the Sunday following Thanksgiving, accounted for 13,000 flights—a record level for a single day.

Fractional activity was up 51 percent from a year earlier, followed by Part 91, which jumped 48 percent. Part 135 marked 40.1 percent YOY gains. Large-cabin jets are returning to the sky, with flights up 72.9 percent in November from a year earlier; flights by midsize jets jumped 55.2 percent and light jet flights were up 43.1 percent. However, business flight activity in November slid 5.6 percent from October, which Argus said follows historical trends.

In Europe, flight activity surged 96.8 percent from November 2020 and rose 39.8 percent from November 2019. TraqPak recorded 73,000 business aviation flights in the month. Large-cabin operations in Europe marked a 186.9 percent jump YOY.

Other regions of the globe logged 46,000 business aviation flights last month, a 71 percent improvement from November 2020 and a 13.8 percent increase from October. However, globally, November operations declined 5.4 percent from October, though they were up 54.1 percent overall YOY.

Argus anticipates that December flights will continue to grow in North America. It predicts that they’ll increase 37.4 percent over the same month in 2020 and 17.7 percent from December 2019. European operations are expected to jump 49.9 percent YOY in December.

Courtesy of Kerry Lynch from AIN Online

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