French inventor Franky Zapata unveils JetRacer aircraft

Three years after crossing the English Channel, French inventor Franky Zapata released images of his new flying machine, a variant of his “Flyboard” that would take a seated pilot through the air.

Half-car, half-helicopter, the JetRacer could travel at 250 km/hour, with a range of 40 minutes (Picture source: Franky Zapata)

JetRacer is a vertical take-off and landing aircraft, without an airfoil, powered by 10 micro turbojet engines. Its main characteristics are maximum speed and high maneuverability, at the cost of a relatively low range. Half-car, half-helicopter, the JetRacer could travel at 250 km/hour, with a range of 40 minutes.

JetRacer is built on the basis of a light and modular chassis, making it possible to meet multiple needs, both civilian and military, as well as being piloted remotely. All critical systems are structured to provide an extremely high level of redundancy and safety: propulsion, control, power supply, etc.

Expected performance:

Altitude: 3000 METERS
Speed: 250 KM/H
Maximum number of turbines: 10
Maximum carrying capacity: 200 KG

Expected applications:

Civil sector:
– Aerial demonstrations
– Leisure

Military sector or civil security:
– Rapid mobility in special operations
– Reconnaissance and surveillance flights
– Quick access on boats

– Access on steep terrain
– Flights in strong and turbulent winds
– Possible autonomous flights
– Transport of specific materials
– Absence of visible helices

Courtesy of airrecognition

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