Recruitment Firm Sees Industry Hiring Surge

As a result of the post-pandemic surge in private aviation travel, hiring within the sector is increasing “with an urgency that many people in the aviation industry have never seen before,” observed recruitment firm Aviation Search Group (ASG, Booth 769). The Texas-based company, which was founded more than two decades ago, noted that the current talent market is tighter than it has been in years, with the potential for that situation to continue unabated for the next several years.

“Aviation hiring is showing no signs of slowing down,” said Gary Miner, the company’s executive director. “Companies are scrambling to find the number of qualified pilots, instructors, and maintenance professionals that they require to profitably and comfortably continue their operations.”

While many companies have used executive recruitment firms in the past to fill their director and C-suite vacancies, employers are now also using recruiters to fulfill non-managerial positions in the MRO, manufacturing, and flight operations areas in a more timely manner than if the sourcing were handled in house.

Courtesy of Curtis Epstein from AIN Online

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