Swedish All-Electric Aircraft Turns Out to Be a Hit on the Global Market

Already selected by United Airlines for future zero-emission regional operations, the ES-19 is becoming one of the most popular all-electric aircraft, coveted by numerous players on the global market.

Heart Aerospace is a company that’s only four-year-old and dedicated entirely to developing electric aircraft. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, it was born as a spin-off from a government-funded research program. It’s also one of the founding members of the Nordic Network for Electric Aviation, which plays an important role, considering the fact that Norway, for instance, has committed to making all of its short-haul flights electric by 2040.

The ES-19 was specifically designed to meet the future demand on the market in the area. However, it turned out to be much more appealing for global players than it was expected. This led the young manufacturer to change its model’s EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) certification specification from CS-23 to CS-25. What this means is that the aircraft design will be easier to adapt to the specific requirements of the global market, allowing it to operate in the U.S. as well, for example.

United is one of the major operators that are betting on this all-electric aircraft, having agreed to purchase up to 200 Swedish ES-19 units.

The 19-seater is equipped with a 400 kW electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack. Heart Aerospace claims that this motor is 20 times less expensive than conventional turboprops of the same size, with maintenance costs that are 100 times lower. The current battery pack ensures a range of 250 miles (400 km), but it’s expected to grow over time as battery technology continues to evolve. The ES-19 also boasts a customized Garmin G3000 integrated flight deck, including lightweight, high-resolution flight displays.

The first Swedish all-electric ES-19 aircraft is set to enter service by 2026.

Courtesy of Otilia Drăgan from Auto Evolution

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